Tina Vachani: Art Brings Back Forgotten Common Roots to People


Social entrepreneur from India invited to the 2nd EAWF 

Tina Vachani, Head of Routes2Roots non-governmental organization, is confident that as a social entrepreneur she is able to partially reduce the tension of the military confrontation between India and Pakistan that lasts more than 70 years. She spoke about that during the panel discussion of the EAWF during her previous visit to Russia. Today, Routes2Roots organises cultural festivals to “show the path to common roots” and connect relatives in the countries involved in the conflict in spite of political and religious barriers. Tina Vachani's work is still connected by “common roots” to the agenda of the Female Diplomats’ Summit of the 2nd Eurasian Women's Forum, where the Indian entrepreneur is invited. 

Art can unite people in spite of racial, regional or religious barriers. ‘Similarity in differences’ is the motto of Routes2Roots, an Indian NGO that provides social services. The organization organizes cultural festivals that feature performances by renowned musicians from both India and Pakistan. 

Routes2Roots is the creation of Tina Vachani. She was born in Pakistan but decided to move to India to get higher education. After her wedding, she eventually decided to stay in India. 

According to Tina Vachani, she felt like she needed to do something to establish the connection between India and other countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Fact of the matter is, many people have relatives and friends in neighbouring countries that are nowadays divided by political disagreements. 

“We want to guide and connect people through arts and culture, to help them find forgotten or lost roots.”

“The name of the organization symbolizes the need to look for a way to our common roots in both countries,” Tina Vachani said. 

The entrepreneur believes that it is important to try and, even more importantly, to succeed. To achieve success, “you need to listen to your heart”, whether it’s a question of career or social work. Therefore, Tina refused a high-ranking position. “I trusted my heart, and I can proudly say that it gave me the right answer,” she claims. 

Today, young Indians admire Tina, calling her inspirational and influential. What is there to tell them? 

“My message is very brief: music, culture and friendship have no boundaries. We all are one.” 

This is not the first time that Tina Vachani is invited to the EAWF. In 2015, she already spoke at the Forum during the panel discussion called ‘Women in the Development of Humanitarian Cooperation and Charitable Activities’. At the time, the head of Routes2Roots also emphasized the importance of promoting rapprochement, uniting people through special projects. 

Tina Stankevich, Eurasian Women's Community News Agency

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