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Rambler News Service (RNS) is a rapidly growing agency, specializing in providing in-depth and engaging analysis of current affairs in Russia and beyond, exclusive economic news and related multimedia content. By focusing on the major events, decisions, appointments and resignations within the intricate framework of big corporations, we are able to bring you content featuring topical commentary from leading business, economic and political experts. Forming part of the Rambler&Co digital group, our team of seasoned specialists report on the economy, policies and everything in between, delivering content for eleven different topic-specific news feeds: Economy, Society, Finances, Energy sector, Internet, Industry, Consumer markets, IT and Media, Transport, Sports economics, Regional economics.



Lenta.Ru is one of the oldest and most respected online media in Russia. It covers a wide variety of topics including Politics, Economy, Science, Internet, Culture and Sports. Lenta.Ru is the only Russian title within Top-5 Europe’s Most Visited Websites. It has 2.5 million unique visitors daily and about 30 million unique visitors monthly.

Logos_ЕЖФ_Gazeta_En.png is the first socio-political online media in RuNet. It was established in September 1999 The publishing house is among five largest online media in RuNet in terms of the number of unique visitors according to LiveInternet and is included in top three quoting outlets according to Medialogy. Everyday publishes news, exclusive materials and interviews with leading public and political figures, as well as photo reports and online event broadcasting. In addition, the publishing house produces special projects, video galleries, own video programs and mobile applications.

Russian News Agency TASS


Established in 1904, TASS is Russia’s state-run news agency. TASS offers its subscribers a wide range of news services in both Russian and English. The news agency generates more than 1,500 news items and 500 photographs a day, thus producing an integral and unbiased picture of events from around the globe. TASS Photo Archive contains two million photographs and its database has more than 10 million documents. TASS’ special projects and infographics have repeatedly earned national and international awards. The news agency’s press-centers operate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Pyatigorsk. Every year, TASS holds more than 1,000 various events on its own platforms and within the framework of major forums in Russia and around the globe. TASS is a member of international and regional mass media organizations and maintains partnerships with more than 100 news agencies throughout the world. TASS’ 1,800 employees in Russia and abroad keep the agency going in real time.

International tv & radio company “Mir” 


International TV & Radio Company “Mir” is an association of different multimedia resources: TV channel MIR, the first Eurasian news-channel MIR-24, the channel MIR PREMIUM with premium content, radiostation MIR, the information and analytical website and the satellite communication system MIR-Teleport. This is more than 160 million potential viewers and listeners in 20 countries. Not only in the CIS countries, which were the target audience of MIR in 1992, but also in Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Baltic countries and others. MIR is journalism of facts, this is a closed professional position: journalists do not express their opinion, but cover events. There is no place for bias or propaganda on the MIR and MIR 24 broadcasts. MIR is news, analytical newscasts, travel essays, cooking, culture and intellectual shows and documentaries. Whichever program you choose, there are interesting facts and fascinating Stories for you. Watch, listen and read MIR!

RT channel


RT is a global, round-the-clock news network that includes eight TV channels broadcasting news, current affairs, and documentary content, digital platforms in six languages, and a global multimedia news agency Ruptly. In Moscow, RT Studios broadcast 24/7 in English, Spanish, Arabic, while RT America broadcasts from its own Washington, DC studios, RT UK airs from London, and RT France broadcasts from Paris. Today, RT has a global TV audience of 100 million viewers weekly in the 47 of the more than 100+ countries where RT is available. RT covers stories overlooked by the mainstream media, provides alternative perspectives on current affairs, and acquaints international audiences with a Russian viewpoint on relevant events. RT is the most watched TV news network on YouTube with more than 7 billion views. It is also the winner of the Monte Carlo TV Festival Award for best 24-hour newscast and a six-time Emmy finalist.

National Media Group


FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency


FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is the largest multiregional media holding that provides timely information, analytics, and research in politics and economy to public authorities and the political and business establishment of Russian regions and the official Moscow. In the 14 years of work in Russian regions, FederalPress has acquired a reputation of an authoritative and influential information resource among the Russian political and business elite. FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency focuses on a target audience that may be characterized as “influence groups”: federal and regional structures of public and municipal government agencies; experts in various areas of economics and finance; federal and regional mass media. Currently, FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is a mass media outlet that largely influences the agenda: the latest news, key topics in politics and economy of Russian regions, Internet TV, expert opinions and blogs, news coverage, journalist research, analytical articles, and ratings. Monthly traffic numbers over 6,000,000 visitors.

Rossiya Segodnya International Media Group


Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency is an international media group which aims to provide prompt and balanced coverage of international events and to inform its audience about different perspectives on key events including stories that the other media outlets keep silent about. Rossiya Segodnya is Russia’s largest producer of information products designed for a worldwide audience and provides radio broadcasting and newswires 24/7 in Russian, English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. It also has websites in 32 languages, international multimedia press centres, production and distribution of photo content and infographics, information products on social media, mobile apps. Outside of Russia, the International Information Agency is represented by the Sputnik news agency and radio network. Sputnik websites get more than 50 million visitors. Twenty-two bureaus around the world, from Tokyo to Montevideo, employ more than 1,000 people from dozens of countries. Margarita Simonyan is the editor-in-chief of Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency and Dmitry Kiselev is its Director General.

FSВI “Editorial “Rossiyskaya gazeta”


“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is a modern multimedia group that provides readers daily with up-to-date, reliable and relevant information about Russian regional and federal affairs and worldwide events. The newspaper and its electronic platforms publish news, features, exclusive interviews and comments from public officials and the most powerful representatives of business, politics and culture. Today “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is the leader in terms of audience size in the segment of daily sociopolitical and business newspapers. It is also among the leaders of the media citation rating. Media holding of “Rossiyskaya gazeta” include: “Rossiyskaya gazeta” – Daily social and political newspaper “Rossiyskaya gazeta - Nedelya” – Weekly issue “Rodina” – Monthly historical magazine RG.RU – Web portal “Rossiyskaya gazeta” supplements – Special color thematic supplements.

Publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda”


The publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda” is the largest Russian media holding. It consists of the daily and weekly newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the magazine “TV Program” and the weekly newspaper “Express-gazeta”. Group's portfolio also includes: websites KP.RU,,, radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with the Federal broadcasting as well as printing locations in the largest cities of the Russian Federation. The newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” is distributed in more than 450 cities in 85 regions of Russia. Our digests come out in 11 CIS countries and in 37 countries around the world – from Australia to Canada. Website KP.RU is included in the first Russian “The Three” in terms of coverage in a “media and news” category. Every day 2 500 000 people visit the website KP.RU Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” is broadcasting in 400 cities of Russia. Twice the winner of the “The best news radio station” Radio Station Awards (2014, 2015) and the Radio Station Awards (2016) winner in the “The best business radio station” nomination.

JSC “Argumenty i Fakty”, Publishing house 


Publishing house “Argumenty i Fakty” publishes same-titled and the largest weekly edition in Russia, as well as regional and topical applications. “Argumenty i Fakty” is the federal weekly newspaper number 1, a leader among of the social-political weekly in audience, sales, subscription and federal quality of edition (according to Mediascope and the Bureau of edition audit). Web-site of the Publishing House “Argumenty i Facty” is ranked in the top-10 Russian media reports, according to Liveinternet and Mediascope. Monthly site visits more than 20 million people. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Publishing house “Argumenty i Fakty” Ruslan Novikov. Editor in chief of the newspaper “Argumenty i Fakty” Igor Chernyak.