‘Success Story’ promotional event for Forum participants

The Eurasian Women’s Community’s promotional event ‘Success Story’ has ended. During this campaign women talked about themselves, their projects, social and economic initiatives in short video presentations. 

Women from different regions of Russia participated in the event. We have received several hundred success stories that inspire, encourage and mesmerize. Today, women leaders implement projects for helping people with disabilities, at-risk teenagers, and elderly. They create private kindergartens, clinics and schools to make comfortable living for others. While implementing social projects for children they become mentors for the younger generation. Moreover, participants are convinced that women have a way with kindness, warmth and harmony, and finding one’s life purpose is essential along this way. That is why many of the presented projects were related to advancing women’s leadership, help in finding oneself, self-fulfilment, and a healthy lifestyle.

Modern women unlock their potential in various fields; they are engaged in business, charity, politics, and science.

However, measuring their success primarily by the value for others is what all the participants of the campaign have in common.

On 15 August results of the promotional event ‘Success Story’ will be announced at the portal.

The authors of the best social and economic initiatives will be invited to the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum, where they could present their projects, share experiences with women around the world.