5 млн российских семей с детьми получат поддержку


The Federation Council held a plenary session on 1 December at which the senators supported the law on the federal budget for 2022 and the planned period of 2023–2024.

Federation Council Deputy Speaker and Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum Chair Galina Karelova noted that maintaining the social focus of the budget reflects the main vector of the state’s policy, which prioritizes the health and wellbeing of citizens. Karelova also stressed that the allocated funds will not only ensure the fulfilment of the state’s social obligations, but also the implementation of strategic initiatives that aim to improve the living standards of the population, primarily families with children.

The social treasury will be used to allocate more than RUB 2 trillion, which will be spent on payments to five million families with children. In addition, RUB 1.6 trillion will be earmarked for maternity capital and over RUB 260 billion for a programme to improve the provision of housing to families with children.

One new aspect of the law on the federal budget is that it will allocate RUB 1.6 billion to build creative industry schools in the Russian regions for the first time. This funding will not only help create jobs, but will also open up broad opportunities for the alternative employment for women, young people, and people with disabilities.