Russian Entrepreneurship Day


26 May is Russian Entrepreneurship Day.

Women make up roughly 33% of business owners in Russia. International studies show that GDP growth dynamics directly depend on the development level of female entrepreneurship.

Women’s projects can be seen in various sectors of the economy, including such traditional spheres as education, trade, and healthcare, as well as more unconventional sectors such as the mining and timber processing industries, logistics, and digital startups.

The 2021 Women Business Index (WBI) indicates that 93% of women who run their own businesses are focused on further development, despite the difficult economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, 46% of women said they think that businesses will need less than one year to fully recover. Timely, calculated decisions make women’s projects in business sustainable and successful.

“In the process of searching for solutions, women entrepreneurs opted for the ‘austerity regime’ and actively moved their businesses online. [Russian] women are not used to retreating in the face of difficulties!” said Nadiya Cherkasova, coordinator of the Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship project of the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum and chairwoman of the Committee for the Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship of the OPORA RUSSIA All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business.

Russian women entrepreneurs gracefully represent Russia at international venues as well. Yekaterina Postoyeva and Svetlana Shmakova won the APEC International Competition for Women’s Entrepreneurial Projects. Anna Nesterova initiated the creation of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance. Lyudmila Shcherbakova plans to open a plant in Kazakhstan. And these are just a few examples.

Caring entrepreneurs in Russia’s regions are implementing a huge number of socially significant projects, such as initiatives that aim to develop territories, campaigns to donate blood at hospitals, projects to help animals at nurseries, and many more.

The most dynamic sessions at the Eurasian Women’s Forum are traditionally platforms attended by women entrepreneurs. The development of healthcare, agribusiness, creative industries, digitalization, and environmental issues will be discussed by entrepreneurs who work in these areas.

We congratulate all women entrepreneurs on this holiday and wish them success, prosperity, and smooth sailing.