В социальных сетях стартовала акция #Женщина за здоровье


The launch of the campaign was announced by Oksana Drapkina, the coordinator of the project ‘Women’s Health: Well-being of the Nation’ and director of the National Health and Research Centre of Preventive Healthcare, during a discussion as part of the visiting lounge of the Eurasian Women’s Forum.

She suggested women to post on social media about how they lead a healthy lifestyle and what healthy lifestyle habits they create in their families with the hashtag #WomenForHealth. It could be a picture of food, sports activities, or other steps that signal a responsible attitude towards health. Any woman can take part in the campaign.

Speaking in the lounge on the theme ‘Women on a Healthy Lifestyle: A Fashion Trend or Systematic Approach?’, she emphasized that women are the ones who are guarantors of a healthy lifestyle, starting with the family, where they have influence over the food that is cooked, organize leisure activities, and serve as an example for children, and ending with larger communities.

To take part in the campaign:

1. Go to your social media page.

2. Write a post about your family’s healthy lifestyle.

It could be a photo or a text about a habit that you consider beneficial, about the small steps that you have taken to make a healthy lifestyle a habit for you and your loved ones, or about healthy dishes from your diet.

3. Add the hashtag #WomenForHealth.

4. Invite your friends to join the campaign and share their good habits.

Get on board!