Federation Council Recaps Interim Results of Second Stage of Woman Leader Educational Programme


Galina Karelova, chairwoman of the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum, and Maria Afonina, vice-rector for educational activities at the Senezh Management Workshop of the presidential platform ‘Russia – A Land of Opportunities’, recapped the interim results of training in the second stage of the Woman Leader educational programme at a meeting on Tuesday, 13 April.

The new stage of the programme, which kicked off in March this year, encompasses 150 trainees from 35 regions of Russia. Twenty-four teams are working on the creation of social projects. The professions of the participants are very diverse. Almost half of the participants in the second stage have more than ten years of experience in management positions, while a third have five to ten years of experience. The vast majority of the programme participants are actively involved in implementing social projects, and 43.8% of them have served as project initiators. 

Deputy Chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council Galina Karelova noted that there is interest in society in expanding women’s involvement in all spheres of society, including in leadership positions. “Educational programmes for the development of women’s leadership and a community of active women will be one of the discussion topics at the Eurasian Women’s Forum”.

Galina Karelova stressed that the regions’ active involvement in the ‘Woman – Leader’ project confirms the need to hold a regional week during the third Eurasian Women’s Forum. Maria Afonina said the Senezh Management Workshop will hold a 17-hour Daily Women’s Leadership Marathon called ‘Soft Power’ during the week of the forum. The marathon will draw public attention to the women’s agenda, promote women’s involvement in the discussion of important socioeconomic topics and problems and present a woman’s perspective on how to solve them, and show examples of successful leaders and the projects they are implementing.