Global Platform of the Eurasian Women's Forum

Global Platform of the Eurasian Women's Forum

Project coordinator

— Marinina Elena

Deputy CEO, Director for the Socio-Economic Agenda, Roscongress Foundation


  1. Combine digital online community and real offline community;
  2. Establish systematic international cooperation, promote international relations and contacts between women;
  3. Ensure the exchange of experiences and best practices between representatives of different countries;
  4. Increase the role of women's leadership in social and innovative development;
  5. Popularize role models among women and girls;
  6. Develop proposals for the engagement of girls and women with labour markets, the digital economy and agriculture on the international stage.
  7. Represent Russia's interests in the women's agenda on the international arena.

The Global Platform of the Eurasian Women's Forum is a joint initiative of the Innosocium Foundation and the Eurasian Women's Forum Council.

The possibility of women's equitable participation in the global economy has become one of the most important issues on the agenda. There is a growing demand for qualified personnel, increasingly unconventional solutions and approaches and changing life expectancy. All this defines a new role for women in today's world. 

Society, modern institutions and infrastructures are not always ready for this, so it is necessary to build cooperation at the level of individual initiatives and projects, large corporations, local communities, government agencies and development institutions, to establish contacts at the international level, to share experience and knowledge on gender issues.

Through the platform, authors of women's projects in both the commercial and non-commercial fields will be able to navigate current trends, alternatives in decision-making and promote best practices through publications, presentations at events and specialized competitions.

The platform should ensure consolidation of EWF information and analytical work, create conditions for selection of promising projects in the regions of Russia, their support and scaling up into large macro-regional initiatives. The project format of the platform ensures the greatest efficiency in achieving the Goals and high transparency for all participants and partners of the Eurasian Women's Forum.

At its core:

  • Standardized track of preparation and support for initiatives, projects and events;
  • Regular performance monitoring of the portfolio of initiatives, projects and activities;
  • Wide involvement of outsourced assets and volunteers (project managers, experts, project participants) and cooperation with communities.

"The creation of the platform will contribute to the effective development of international project cooperation, increase the participation of women in advanced industries, digital economy, international cooperation, as well as the creation of an effective social ladder for women" – Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Federation Council.

"In today's rapidly changing world, women are playing an increasingly important role in addressing critical socio-economic and humanitarian issues. The development of women's entrepreneurship helps to overcome poverty, create new jobs and reduce unemployment. At the same time, large companies with the active participation of women in decision-making achieve better financial results. The theme of increasing women's economic activity is now rightfully among the most topical issues," said Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council.

"Mutual support and resource sharing allow many women to achieve their dreams, and the effective positioning of initiatives and projects on the portal creates opportunities to attract donations from sponsors and individuals, helping to make the dream come true as soon as possible" - Elena Marinina, Deputy Director of the Roscongress Foundation, Director of the Innosocium Foundation.

Promotion toolkit:

  1. Key forums of the Roscongress Foundation and activities of the Innosocium Foundation, in particular: 

— holding the EWF Lounge at key international forums to establish international links between female leaders;

— holding themed sessions as part of the business programme of the forums and as part of the Space of Trust thematic platform.

  1. Events by Russian and international partners of Roskongress Foundation and Innosocium Foundation on Women's Agenda.

—  Organising official Russian delegations to represent Russia on the international arena (within the scope of major international forums such as Women's Forum for Economy&Society and W20, WAW, etc.).;

—  Holding and co-organizing sessions at international forums to emphasize the Russian women's leadership agenda;

—  Supporting the participation of Russian female representatives in the Women's 20 and other associations.

  1. EWF online-platform.

Project partners ( incl. prospective):  

  • Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI);
  • Opora Rosii;
  • Otkritie Bank;
  • EY;
  • Women’s Forum for Economy & Society;
  • W20;
  • Others.

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