Women’s leadership in Russia

Women’s leadership in Russia

Project coordinator

— Svetlana Kostikova

winner of the “Leaders of Russia” competition, investment associate at the Russian Direct Investment Fund


  1. Increase the proportion of female finalists in the third round of the “Leaders of Russia” competition from 13% to 15%.
  2. Draw attention to the issue of women’s leadership among the participants of the competition so that they should change their stereotypical thinking within their community and become our ambassadors.

In Russia, despite the historical and social background, negative dynamics are observed, with women’s representation in business management and state regulation declining.

One of the tools for the development of social elevators is the all-Russian competition titled “Leaders of Russia”. However, even at this competition there were around 13% of female finalists in 2018 and 2019. After all, this competition is what provides a social elevator opportunity and gives a chance to find a Mentor, which women especially need to build a successful career.  

Not all women see themselves as leaders, so they do not aspire to participate in the competition. Ladies who did not participate in the competition said that they were discouraged from registering by doubt, uncertainty and lack of vivid examples of success.

Promotion toolkit:

Lectures by successful women as well as men supporting gender equality and women’s professional development among their circle.

Project partners, including future partners:

  • Club of leaders of Russia titled “Elbrus”;
  • Russia – Land of Opportunity autonomous non-profit organisation (ANO);
  • Agency for Strategic Initiatives;
  • Women on Boards community.

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