Более половины российских женщин регулярно занимаются спортом


In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle, the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum has launched the #womanforhealth campaign, in which energetic women post photos and stories about their commitment to a healthy lifestyle on social media. The Russian Ministry of Sports and the NAFI Analytical Centre also conducted a survey and found that more than half of Russian women (52%) regularly exercise at home, 20% prefer outdoor workouts, while 15% go to gyms and fitness centres.

The survey also showed that Russians living in families of three or more people are more likely to exercise. It is easier to lead an active lifestyle in the company of loved ones, when there are people around you to provide motivation.

The results of the national survey will be taken into account when developing the ‘Physical Culture and Sports’ digital platform.

Guzelia Imayeva, the coordinator of the EWF Council’s project Stereotypes in Relation to Women and Their Economic Impact, noted the growing interest in the digital aggregator platform of information on sports themes.

“People are getting used to living in a digital reality. In addition, during the pandemic, lots of people appreciated the comfort and efficiency of obtaining information that digital platforms provide,” said Guzelia Imayeva, who is also general director of the NAFI Analytical Centre.