Галина Карелова выступила на Форуме женщин-парламентариев на площадке 143-й Ассамблеи МПС


The Federation Council’s Deputy Speaker shared Russia’s experience in developing the partnerships that are needed to conduct gender-specific legal reforms.

The 32nd session of the Forum of Women Parliamentarians was held on 26 November 2021 on the sidelines of the 143rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Madrid.

Russian Federation Council Deputy Speaker Galina Karelova spoke about strategies for developing gender-specific legislation (within the programme session on partnerships required for gender-specific legal reforms).

Karelova welcomed the Forum participants on behalf of Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko and shared Russia’s experience in developing the partnerships that are needed to conduct gender-specific legal reforms.

“Russia is a party to the most important international agreements that aim to ensure the equal participation of men and women in all spheres of society,” she said.

Russia’s policy in this regard is guided by the National Action Strategy for Women, Karelova said. As part of its implementation, the Eurasian Women’s Forum is held every three years under the auspices of the Federation Council and is attended by representatives of government, international organizations, business, and civil society. This year it brought together participants from 111 countries and 23 international organizations.

Karelova thanked all the women parliamentarians who took part in the Forum for their joint work. She also pointed out that the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum is working between the forums. The Council is an effective model of partnership between the state, business, and civil society in the interests of women, she said.

The Deputy Speaker pointed out that the Council is successfully implementing projects that aim to boost women’s involvement in industry, the digital economy, regional development, international cooperation, and social innovation. In addition, technologies and tools are actively used to promote women’s leadership.

“Together with the president’s platform ‘Russia: A Country of Opportunities’, the educational programme ‘Woman Leader’ is being implemented to train women leaders in the economy, social sphere, and politics. We are interested in the international development of this programme and we invite you to cooperate,” Karelova said.

The Deputy Speakerr also said it is crucial to draw the attention of major corporations to promoting women at the decision-making level. To this end, government and commercial organizations are holding a competition of corporate women’s leadership programmes, which motivates corporations to create equal opportunities for men and women when hiring, creating talent pools, and making managerial appointments.

“The experience gained from implementing these projects and effective partnerships contributes to improvements in legislation and is used to determine the strategic focuses of the National Action Strategy for Women for future periods,” Karelova said.

The parliamentarians attending the meeting shared their experiences on law-making strategies.

On the same day, Karelova also took part in the 46th session of the Bureau of Women Parliamentarians, which discussed the Forum’s proposals for presentation at the 143rd IPU Assembly, IPU activities to promote gender equality, and other organizational issues.

Karelova is a member of the Bureau from the Russian Federation and from the Eurasia Group (IPU).