Female Leaders Across Territories Discussion Club Holds Meeting


The meeting participants discussed the theme ‘Tourism as a promising way to develop rural areas, small towns, and single-industry towns’.

Elena Avdeeva, the project coordinator and a senator from the Vologda Region, emphasized that each territory has unique stories and events that can and should be shown.

Russian Federal Agency for Tourism Deputy Director Elena Lysenkova said that, according to the World Tourism Organization, rural tourism is one of the five strategic focuses of tourism development around the world. In 2019, Russian tourists spent about 82,000 nights in the countryside, she said. This data shows there is serious potential, particularly for developing tourist routes. “We have set the goal of creating interregional and intermunicipal routes throughout the country. They will unite places of interest into a single chain, motivating tourists to go even further,” Lysenkova said. She recommended that the discussion club participants look for unique features in their area and create places to attract tourists.

Lysenkova spoke about the Federal Agency for Tourism’s initiatives to provide state support to develop new accommodation facilities, including modular and temporary facilities, develop event tourism, build and renovate hotels, and establish a tourism code for small towns. The government will also develop such areas as improving the regulatory framework, digitalizing the industry, and promoting tourism. The initiatives are expected to be approved in summer 2021.

The Female Leaders Across Territories Discussion Club meets monthly. The next meeting will focus on developing an active civil society.