В Москве прошла деловая конференция «Время женщин в бизнесе России»


The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 18 November hosted a major business conference called ‘Women’s Time in Russian Business’, which was timed to coincide with Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

The conference participants, which included representatives of small, medium, and large businesses in various industries, discussed the development of business processes, ways to attract women to manage major industrial enterprises and tech companies, and a gender balance in the economy, among other things.

Alexandra Ryabykh, a project coordinator at the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum, PR and GR director at Gidrospetsgeologiya, and co-founder of the Association of Women of the Nuclear Industry Foundation, held the ‘Women in STEM’ session during the conference.

The main discussion topics were:

-     Women’s Role in the Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Economy.

-     Is Knowledge Power? Does Big Business Need a New Maria Curie, Catherine Bowman, or Hedy Lamarr?

-     Digital Breakthrough: How Companies Are Attracting Women to IT.

-     STEM Trajectory: Best Practices for Attracting Girls to High-Tech Industries and Stimulating Their Professional Growth.

Conference speakers:

Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Elena Druzhinina; Alexandra Glazkova, coordinator of the project ‘Women: Innovators and Drivers of Positive Changes in Society’ at the Eurasian Women’s Forum under the Russian Federation Council and Deputy CEO of Uralchem; Olga Golyshenkova, president of the MAKO Association of Citizens and Organizations to Promote the Development of Corporate Education and a member of the Russian Public Chamber; Natalya Komarova, CEO of Rusatom Healthcare and founder of the Association of Women in Healthcare; and Irina Gildebrandt, Director of socioeconomic research at NAFI Analytical Centre.

The event was organized by the Komsomolskaya Pravda media group together with the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.