В Санкт – Петербурге представили итоги третьего Евразийского женского форума


St. Petersburg hosted a meeting of the Council of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States on 25 November.

Yelena Perminova, a member of the Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum and first deputy chair of the Russian Federation Council’s Committee on Budget and Stock Markets, spoke about the results of the third Eurasian Women’s Forum at the meeting.

The Forum brought together more than 2,500 participants from 111 countries. It was attended by representatives of 23 international organizations. Some 3 million people linked up to the events in real time. Taking into account the regional week, almost ten million people participated in the Forum.

Events on the sidelines of the Forum included interactive exhibitions, the Health and Beauty Festival, and the medical office of the future.

Perminova commented on the most significant results of the Forum, such as support for Valentina Matviyenko’s proposal to create a permanent coordinating mechanism based on the EWF platform for active participants in the W20, the creation of the International Club of Winners and Participants of the International Competition of Women’s Entrepreneurial Projects in APEC based on Russia’s initiative, and the launch of a new online training course ‘Digital Innovations in Business for Women Entrepreneurs’, among others.

“The Forum showed that the women of the world are advocating for cooperation and mutual assistance. They are making a huge contribution to the development of international relations, the economy, and the social sphere,” she said.

The third Eurasian Women’s Forum took place on 13–15 October 2021 in St. Petersburg. Forum materials are available at