New opportunities for female entrepreneurs discussed at EAWF Lounge event


An EAWF Lounge event recently took place under the theme Women and Business: New Realities. Among those to speak at the event was the Chair of the Eurasian Women’s Forum Council.

Galina Karelova touched upon the business programme of the upcoming third Eurasian Women’s Forum. The rich array of events being organized promises to be of great interest to female entrepreneurs 

“The business community needs to adapt to the post-COVID world,” said the Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. “For the female entrepreneurial community, which is still only beginning to emerge as a force, this is a trying time. However, it is also a time of opportunity, which entrepreneurs can and should capitalize on. A whole range of expert sessions, seminars and other events on this theme are planned for the Forum programme.”

Karelova also highlighted a number of other issues set to come under the spotlight. These include the impactof digitalization on business, increasing women’s participation in the creative economy (in Russia, women account for more than 58% of workers in this sector), and the need to make new financial technology more accessible. She also noted that discussions on these topics will feature experts from the World Bank, APEC and BRICS. The Forum will host a session of the Women20 (W20) and a presentation of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance. In addition, there will also be the launch of the International Club of APEC Female Entrepreneurship Competition Winners – an initiative which will bring together female entrepreneurs. 

The Eurasian Women’s Forum will be preceded by a regional week which will focus on a different topic each day. 

The regional week will provide female entrepreneurs with the opportunity to share experience. They will also be able to speak to regional leaders, government officials, and entrepreneurs from other countries about issues of concern, and suggest ways to address them.

Attendees at the EAWF Lounge event included Tatyana Ilyushnikova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; Nadia Cherkasova, Deputy President and Chairman of the Board at Otkritie Bank, and Head of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Committee at OPORA RUSSIA; Anna Soshinskaya, President of the Responsible for the Future Charitable Foundation; Guzeliya Imaeva, Coordinator of the “Stereotypes associated with women and consequences for the economy” project at the EAWF Council, and Chief Executive Officer of NAFI Research Centre; Maria Afonina, Coordinator of the “Female leader” project at the EAWF Council, and Vice Rector for Educational Activities at the Senezh Management Workshop; Svetlana Shmakova, winner of the APEC BEST AWARD 2020; and Ksenia Sergeeva, winner of the MAMA Entrepreneur 2019 educational programme in Moscow.

The EAWF Lounge makes it easy to share perspectives on women in business in the new economy – a crucial topic. These meetings are important for applying best practices, and also for setting and formulating objectives to be tackled by attendees during discussions,” said Elena Marinina, Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation and Director of the Innosocium Foundation – the Roscongress Foundation’s social platform.