Eurasian Association of Women and Regional Leaders

Eurasian Association of Women and Regional Leaders

Project coordinator

— Komarova Natalya Vladimirovna

Governor of the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District – Yugra


To promote a dialogue among regional women leaders in the Russian Federation and foreign states based on the shared spiritual and moral principles of peace and harmony as well as exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas through the implementation of various projects.

Eurasian Association of Regional Women Leaders

1. A dialogue-based platform to exchange experience in an effort to implement social, humanitarian, and economic projects in regions around the world

2. A database of successful practices in regions in order to potentially replicate them

3. Development of civil society and women’s public diplomacy

4. Promotion of projects at the Russian and international levels

Focuses of collaboration among Association members:

  • Implementation of initiatives and projects within such global integration associations as the SCO, BRICS, APEC, G20, and W20
  • International and interregional cooperation
  • Introduction of new waves of innovation in regions
  • Digital economy of regions
  • Public-private partnership
  • Modern industrial infrastructure
  • Modern innovative technologies in all spheres of public life
  • Science and technology
  • Women’s entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Youth policy
  • Development and support of volunteering activities
  • Peace and security
  • Social support and protection of citizens
  • Collaboration between civil society institutions and government
  • Partnership for sustainable development
  • Creative industries

Association members:

Women leaders at the regional and municipal level, parliamentarians, representatives of executive authorities, international organizations, business circles, the scientific community, and public organizations, heads of charitable projects, and opinion leaders in the international women’s movement.

Promotional tools:

– Events during the Eurasian Women’s Forum

– Events initiated by representatives of the Eurasian Association of Regional Women Leaders

– The business mission programme of representatives of the Eurasian Association of Regional Women Leaders

– Official websites of the state and public institutions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries

– The Eurasian Association of Regional Women Leaders online platform

–The global platform of the Eurasian Women’s Forum

Project partners:

– Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

– Vnesheconombank

– Regions of countries taking part in the international discussion club ‘Women Governors – Strategy for Regional Efficiency and Development’

- Representatives of the diplomatic corps

- International governmental and non-governmental organizations

Project website:

Project news